Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Play and Dog Sports

I attended a workshop last weekend with Lync.  It was about play and how it relates to dog sports.  I learned so much and now look at training in a different way.
For example I learned that it is I that initiates play and I that decides the time to work, not Lync. As you know if you do not have your dogs full attention, no matter what you do, you are not getting the most from your training session. When it was my turn to show how Lync and I begin a training session it clearly showed that Lync has no idea or didn't want to initiate any type of work.  It's a bit complicated to explain, but I know what I need to do and that is to go back to the beginning and teach Lync to focus on me and for him to beg to work for me!  If I can do this Lync will be a happier more willing partner for me and I will get much better results.
I haven't started my training yet, but I need to set aside time each day to do so.  I have already started this with Ash so I will just add on some time for Lync.  I am excited to see how fast he catches on and how much of a difference it makes in our training as we go forward into the advanced classes.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Today is 19 days since Ash's neuter.  I am going to take all the dogs for a nice run in the fenced in field I rent for them.  With the neuter and the bitter cold snap we had they have not been out for almost 3 weeks.  I have stopped feeling so guilty about that, it used to eat away at me if I didn't take them out.  Before when I only had one or two dogs I walked.  I LOVE walking, however since getting Lync that has stopped.  I can't get him to stop pulling :(  He is so strong and pulls so hard that it is very unpleasant for me and the Collies.  I have tried everything from a halti, to a no pull harness, and in desperation a pinch collar.  He has continued to pull through them all, it's extremely frustrating.  I will know better with my next flatcoat to not allow any pulling , at all, ever! right from when he is a puppy.
I could take the Collies together then Lync alone but whoever is left behind puts up such a fuss barking etc. that I just don't bother, especially because Brad works shift work and is usually sleeping when I am going out.
Anyway, I hope Ash is ok to run, it's almost been 3 weeks so I'm sure he will be.  The last thing I want is for him to bust a stich or something!
Well I better get dressed if I'm going , cheers!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Another Year Over

Christmas 2017
In 4 days we will be bidding farewell to 2017.  It was a pretty good year me and my family, 2 more deaths however.  Seems we have them every year, it sucks getting older.

Anyway, another year at my job , which I love, most days haha.  Myself and Brad remain healthy as do the dogs, touching wood!

In 2018 I want to finish Lync's Rally Excellent title and just maybe enter 1 trial at the National in August for his CDX.  I swore I wouldn't do another outside show but he will be a year older and maybe more mature?? maybe ??!!

I am also going to start Ash in Obedience, I would love to put a CD on him as well as some rally titles.  He would probably make a good Scenthurdle dog as well but I get ahead of myself!

Kort will be 10, who knows, maybe I will enter him in a Veterans class for some fun, he did like the show ring. I will most definitely do another Veterans Obedience trial with him.  So fun!

This year in October will mark the last payment on a consolidation loan Brad and I took out 5 years ago.  Pretty thrilling for us!!

So we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to.  Bring it on 2018!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Ash and his buddy Lync play tug while Kort tries to get in on the action 

Ash was neutered today, I am so so relieved it is over with and he is doing ok. I had him tested to determine is MDR1 status and he is mutant/mutant. For those of you who have no idea what this is google it !

His vet is well read on this condition and I trust her completely.  Ash is the 3rd of my Collies she has neutered. Of course Ash never does anything the easy way.  He was, as my vet put it, scary to anesthetise. When too little was administered he was very agitated. If too much was given he would stop breathing. He was never in danger of cardiac arrest but it was scary. My vet had another vet monitor him while she performed his surgery. She also said if he was ever to need more surgery she would send me to a specialist.

Right now he is resting comfortably with Lync by his side.  I will bring him to work the remainder of the week to keep an eye on him. I know I will have trouble restricting his activity for 7 days. He is also not allowed physical activity for 3 weeks, that sounds like a long time!  Ash and Lync play hard together so I will need to separate them for awhile.

Anyway it's done and over with, soon I will begin training him in Obedience, can't wait!

Friday, November 24, 2017

2 New Titles!!

Last weekend was our local Dog Show here in Lethbridge.  I entered Lync in Novice Obedience and Ash in Conformation. Well what a fantastic weekend we had.  I still am floating on Cloud 9!

Lync and his mom Kona

I'll start with Lync, Day # 1 he passed!! I was so thrilled, we have been to 6 trials before this one and NQ'd in each one, so passing was about due!
Day # 2 he passed again, giving him his CD title!!  Wow it's been 7 years since I put a CD on a dog. Day # 3 I almost didn't enter, I decided to put him in, thanks to Amanda, for practise in the ring.  He has a wee bit of ring stress going on so we need to work on that. Well you guessed it, he passed again !! We also went High Score in Class!  Then I got a surprise that I won't soon forget.  There was a special trophy offered for High Aggregate Scoring Novice dog in either the A or the B class, Lync ended up winning this Award . What was even more special was that Lync's mother Kona also won this award 4 years ago on the same day!
I was very honoured and proud to accept this award with Lync, we have worked very hard and are becoming a great team together.

Now for Ash, on Day #1 there were 2 shows offered.  In the morning I showed him myself, we were the only entry so we won Best of Breed and got to have some fun in the Herding Group as well.  In the afternoon I ended up with a conflict with Lync in Obedience.  I was lucky to find someone to show him for me! There was a female entry and she won the Breed so no points for Ash.
Day # 2 I had someone show Ash for me again. Ash won Winners Male for 2 points putting him at 9, 1 point to go! 
Day # 3, Ash won the points again and finished his Championship!!! Yay !! So exciting!

I will now take a bit of a break until the new year before starting Open training with Lync.